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  1. Smooth and real beat. Check it, She fell from the sky and song me a llallaby,and told me how i used to cry. But ofcourse, i would deny knowing it was a bold face lie. But who cares, i would still try. I think about the shit we always going through i hope thats many bullets into you. My words are intense at my own dispense. But life always makes know since, but im never tense. I know what were going through, so God know that im doing it for you. Mom and Dad im doing it for you too. Cant leave you out, know that ima show these fake bitches what im about, no doubt. Shit and im no clown, killin every nigga in my path. And never give up all i have, i would die before it happens. God forgive my past transgressions, and remember all my present confessions. Im done with the dope shit, and im ready to flow no shit. Lifes a bitch. Im a strong nigga cant you figure.

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